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Web Design & Publishing Gains

Taking summer classes is not fun when you’re going to campus passing by the cold river wishing you were in it floating down to Rio Vistas in San Marcos, Texas. However it is fun when your like me and get to learn about HTML and CSS to build your own website.

Since I’ve taken web design and publishing this summer I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how to uniquely build a website. This is not easy to learn and despite all of the time and frustrating moments I endure while learning about HTML and CSS was well worth the struggles to get a website that was personally created by me!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.04.33 PM

The¬†project I am currently working on now would have to be my favorite, which will be about a hobby of mine. I’m excited to use everything I have learned up until this point, such as custom navigation bars that will be in CSS and inserting a photo gallery. I want to challenge myself by coding everything and not copying from a templet. An important feature I will forever add to my index pages are the responsive code. This is so important and makes a web page worth looking at since it is compatible to view on different screens other than a desktop.

Overall taking this class has been well worth the time, I’m happy to gain skills such as : Coding, HTML,CSS, bootstrap, photoshop and using text wrangler. I can now apply and use these skills¬†towards my profession in the mass communication world. I will continue to work on my website and learn more about HTML and CSS to advance my skill in web design.

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  1. Taylor Torbert

    I agree with you about how I am happy too that I am gaining skills such as coding, HTML, bootstrap, etc because we can use these skills in our career! I enjoyed viewing your website

    Taylor Torbert

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