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See Syllabus for grade weighting percentages.

Project 1 – Student BioStudent Bio – set up a site with at least four pages with bio info; links and one image (photo). One page will be an assignment page that will hold links to other projectsSept 15
Project 2 – CSS Re-designStudent Bio Redesign – Use HTML/CSS, Photoshop and Responsive Design, to completely redesign the personal site you made with html.Sept 29
Troubleshooting QuizFix problems on an existing page to demonstrate code knowledge.Oct 7
Multimedia ExerciseApply basic video editing concepts like cropping, splitting clips, adding audio, transitions, so you can use them in your multimedia project.Nov 10
Project 3 – Multimedia ReportingMultimedia Reporting-set up a Web site for an organization or event to which you are affiliated (4 sections or pages total). Must be a new site, not a redesign of an existing site. Use Bootstrap, responsive design, css, multimedia editing.Nov 10
Final ProjectFinal Project – use WordPress to design your Final Project – an organization or event site; use all or any of the design, multimedia, or framework skills; use of CMS; customization with CSSDec 12

For all projects, the following rubric will be utilized. Degrees within each grade may be handled by + and – . We have high expectations for the execution and creativity of work in this course.

A – All requirements are met and are executed exceptionally well. Creativity evident in execution and some aspects of the project go beyond requirements.

B – Most requirements are met and are executed in an acceptable manner. There is some creativity evident in execution, but the project does not go beyond requirements.

C – Most requirements are met and are executed in an acceptable manner. There is minimal creativity evident in execution and the project does not go beyond requirements.

D – Some requirements are not met or are not executed in an acceptable manner. No creativity evident in execution.

F – Failure to deliver on several of the requirements of the project in an acceptable manner.