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Project 3 is here

Project 3 is going to be much more difficult than previous projects primarily because we have less time to execute it and turn it in. With that said, this project will be about the nonprofit that I current intern with, Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund.

BPSFI decided to choose this as my third project because they are a small nonprofit and do not typically get noticed by students who are looking for local scholarships, specifically LGBT students of Texas State University.

The whole website will be a more simple and direct approach to getting information directly to the public versus the website that they currently use. That website has lots of information and a lot of it is irrelevant to any reader when navigating through the website. I want to highlight certain aspects such as the scholarships they provide to students and what they entail. I will hit on their fundraising efforts and events, about the organization as a whole how and how to contact them.

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  1. Larisa Gawlik

    That’s awesome! I was unaware of this non-profit but I am glad you brought our class’ and others’ attention to it.

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