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Two Texas Design Titans

When it comes to local political blogs, the Texas Tribune and the Texas Observer keep bringing people back.

Why is that?

Because both sites have the most aesthetically pleasing, visually comfortable designs around.

When you first reach the Observer’s site, you’re greeted by a colorful slideshow, with interesting articles on the left side of the page. I also appreciate how the regular writing staff’s photos accompany each article; it’s an attention-grabbing visual that immediately reminds you whether your favorite author wrote something. When it comes to multimedia, they are within sight without distracting from the text articles.

The Tribune’s gray and yellow gradient will be familiar to anyone with even passing interest in Capitol events. The pictures are bold and vibrant, the text is concise and clean, and the bar at the top of your screen can take you to the most advanced data graphics on the web. As an added bonus, the “Tribwire” feature congregates the best political journalism around in one
dynamic feed.




  1. Margie Escamilla

    The Texas Tribune is definitely an underrated website. I like everything it has to offer with many navigations to click on to certain news links! Nice job constructing this and giving inside about these two websites.

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