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NYT-Snow Fall and Pinterest website designs

The New York Times- Snow Fall website is uniquely designed, and instantly grabs the viewers attention. It is unlike ordinary website with a click and scroll option. This website gives viewers instant weather tracking, maps, moving images, videos and text that puts viewers in a visual story telling scene.

NYT snowfall

I admire this website because it has an appealing visual design. The images that appear on the website are excellent quality, and align with the text making it easy for viewers to follow.

The navigation bar at the top is well designed as it gives a sequential order of the storm moving and gives visuals of it happening. The large map that appears on one page of the moving snow fall is an awesome feature.The moving storm map, and time tracker gives viewers a live sense of what it was like to experience the snow storm with strong visuals and data maps.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.52.42 PMNew York Times did a great job designing this visual storytelling website that gives viewers something unique and unlike anything I have ever seen coming from a news outlet. I’m Impressed with the layout and design and could not imaging the hard work and dedication it took to make this website appear like this.


I recommend everyone to go and check out this website, It is definitely one to see to understand and appreciate coding and HTML and any other high-tech madness it just have took to create this gem!  The New York Times-Snow Fall 


The Pinterest website offers a fun welcoming theme, and I find it easy to use do to the simple navigation setup. Using Pinterest can seem overwhelming and difficult, but the simple search, click and add features make it easy to visually understand. The icons give a navigation to help users understand what certain symbols mean and what they do by clicking on it.


The cool part about Pinterest is that users have the ability to create their own unique page filled with boards of multiple pins. This is an awesome feature that is very simple to use and goes a long way for searches, categories and organization.

The neutral colors of the page are not overwhelming to the eye, but brings out a nice welcoming vibe to the website. The scroll bar on the right side of the webpage make it easy to follow and control how much a viewer wants to see on a particular search. The search bar is located at the top of the page making it efficient to quickly type something. There is also a drop down box that is located  next to the search bar, which organized and categorize topics users want to narrow down a search.Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.24.34 PM

I enjoy visiting Pinterest website because it is easy to use and appealing to search with. The  quality and setup are well organized and put together for users to access effectivly!

Visit Pinterest to check it out for yourself and get to pinning while you’re at it!

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