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Top Notch Designs

By: Connor Elkins

Two websites that I believe to be well design are the sites for Project Destati and Fallout 4.

Project Destati is a small group of musicians that compose re-orchestrations of Kingdom Hearts Music by Yoko Shimomura. Their site has a crisp design, and great color pallet. I mostly enjoy the simplicity and how easy it is to go straight to their soundcloud and itunes in order to their stuff.


Fallout 4 has a very simple design that also showcases the games concept art. Incredibly easy to navigate,  making it easy to find info. The scrolling seems fluid as well.



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  1. Taylor Rogers

    Wow I’ve never heard of these websites but just by looking at the awesome designs it made me want to go to them and see what its all about! I like how on the Project Destati Music section, you can download the albums/songs right from their website on numerous music outlets.
    Thanks for sharing!

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