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Twitch all day, every day., is a live streaming website completely devoted to gaming and music. The site is where individuals can broadcast any video game to anyone in the sites audience. Just create an account, and you can get to chatting, and with a little bit more work and research, stream yourself.



When I am not in class I spend a good amount of time on twitch. I too am a broadcaster myself. Why do I love twitch so much? Let me put it simply…

  1. You can meet and game with people who love the same games you do.
  2. Most broadcasters on twitch offer great communities and give the opportunity to really get to know everyone by using the chat box in the channel.
  3. It is growing the scene of esports and even getting some schools to consider and even have esports teams.

The best thing about twitch though is the relationships it can allow you top create with people. Twitch can get a bad rep sometimes because trollsĀ are always out there, but there are some amazing people that you can form bonds with on the site.

If you’re a gamer or maybe just wanna see what all the fuss is about check twitch out and talk to some broadcasters. I can guarantee it has something for everyone, from old nostalgia classics, to casual gaming to esports.


  1. Hannah Owen

    I’m not on twitch, but it’s site that I keep hearing about lately.
    My friend Laurel is a Youtuber and goes by the username KoolySmiley. She has a pretty solid following and she has a lot of gaming videos and just recently created a Twitch to live stream. She loves it cause it’s a new way that she can connect with her viewers. I’m not too much of a gamer, but she’s pretty funny so sometimes I’ll tune in, I guess you could say, to her.
    I’ll have to check you out the next time!

  2. Quinlan Crowell

    I love Twitch! Its one of the greatest, if not the best, streaming services out there. I’ve always wanted to stream League of Legends and other games, but until recently I hadn’t had a good enough computer to do so. My favorite streams are Riot Games(esports), Imaqtpie, C9 Sneaky, and Voyboy. What games do you like to stream, and who are some of your favorite streamers?

  3. Alan Espejel

    I’ve always enjoyed watching twitch streamers try to make a name for themselves. I understand it’s a rather difficult goal to become a famous twitch streamer. However, it is a blast to see people provide content through their video game gameplay. I’m always enamored by the lengths some streamers will go to get viewers. All in all, this is a fun site to watch and just kill time.

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