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Daily Visit

A website that I visit every day is Spotify.

Spotify is a music streaming service. I mostly use it on my phone, but I can also access it through my Sonos device and my laptop. I visit it so often because I am always listening to music.

Some of my favorite features are the pre-made playlists. When I am sick of the playlist I created, I can go pick a genre or even the mood I am in and Spotify will give me music that matches.

Spotify’s mobile app offers a super cool feature where you can pick a genre and when you start running, Spotify plays music within that genre that matches the tempo you are running at. If you change speeds, the music automatically adjusts.

I prefer a streaming service over purchasing individual tracks or albums because I listen to anything and everything, and I am extremely music A.D.D. With Spotify I can listen to almost  –thanks Taylor Swift- any album or track I may feel like that day.


  1. Quinlan Crowell

    Ever since I discovered Spotify, I’ve been hooked. The freedom to select from (almost) any song, listen to default playlists, and create my own playlists is so satisfying that I ended up buying the Spotify Premium service(I’m not an ad I swear). My favorite feature of Spotify is discovering new music and bands that I would have otherwise never seen before.

  2. Diana Gonzalez

    I used to love Pandora up until the moment I discovered Spotify. More than just giving you “random” songs related to the song or artist you picked, Spotify actually lets you go out and listen to your own music.
    I’ve only ever made two playlists, everything else I’ve followed. There’s a lot of music I’ve discovered and fallen in love with because of this.
    I didn’t know about the tempo matching feature, that’s pretty sweet.

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