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tumblr is bae.

Tumblr is probably the website I visit most frequently. Plus Tumblr isn’t a recent website I’ve been into being on. Tumblr was there for me all through high school and now through college.

tumblr url.

Tumblr is a social media site. You can create posts of text, pictures, videos, or audio. Users mostly post pictures. Each account has a special URL that is essentially your username. Unlike wordpress, users tend to create a username  thats expresses them uniquely, not just: hannah_o.


My love for Tumblr spawns from the community that lives on the site and how people use images and text to inspire others.

As a member of the lgbt community, Tumblr was a place where I could talk about my feelings without judgement. I actually first came out on Tumblr before I came out to anyone in my personal life. My Tumblr is very personal and I use it like a dairy almost. Expressing my thoughts and feelings through images or rants.


I love Tumblr’s reblog features, allowing me to share and relate to others, and the “ask” box. It’s like a messenger. Tumblr also doesn’t have much of a filter. I don’t recommend it to anyone under the age of 16. There’s curse words and nudity. but I’m all for the free the nipple movement. #sorrynotsorry



  1. Steven Pekar

    I love the title to your post. Tumblr is awesome because it appeals to so many different people for so many different reasons. And i definitely love the fact that it is a space that is completely uncensored and basically becomes your own little space.

  2. Brandon

    I really want to learn how to use Tumblr, i go through profiles all the time, but haven’t really gotten into creating my own. Getting to that soon.

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