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140 Characters or Less

My love of current events and fast-paced communication led me to create a Twitter account in 2011, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


If you aren’t already aware, Twitter is a social media website that can be accessed on a variety of platforms; desktop, cell phone, tablet and even gaming consoles. On the site, you can “tweet”, or post, content in the form of text, pictures, videos and GIFs. The only catch is that each tweet must be under 140 characters; not words, but characters. That simple rule is a key reason I’ve come to enjoy this site so much.

My attention span isn’t very long, especially when it comes to social media and things on the internet. By choosing who to follow, I can tailor my timeline to my interests. The people who follow me have similar and contrasting views compared to mine, and Twitter allows for concise discussion and sharing of ideas. When tweeting about sensitive or controversial matters, conversations tend to get heated quickly; much to the delight of the online trolls who plague the internet. With twitter, I don’t have to worry about reading huge chunks of text, unless I click a link to an article on another site.

I use twitter to keep up with news sites, current topics in pop culture, fashion, music, friends, local San Marcos events and my favorite celebrities. Twitter encompasses almost everything on the internet, and makes it accessible from one app. It’s amazing if you really think about it.


  1. Angelica Espinoza

    I also enjoy twitter as well. I made an account for the first time last semester to follow my professor who would post up career events, internships, and scholarships. I like how I can also follow my family and friends as well. The only thing I do not like about twitter is when I am following someone and they retweet something, I think sometimes I am following the person that they retweeted.

  2. Daniel Gray

    I use Facebook more than I use Twitter, but I’m trying to switch over since my attention span is also not long, and I think Twitter a more global platform with more information on current events.

  3. Diana Gonzalez

    I’ve had a twitter account for years now and I’ve always bounced around between being addicted to it and glancing at it once every blue moon. It’s usually the first place I turn to when something happens and I want to know what people are saying about it. That’s what I love about twitter, it makes it easy to stay updated on worldly and local topics all in one place.

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