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I’m not too proud to say that the one site I visit multiple times throughout the day everyday is Buzzfeed. Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last couple of years, you know the gist of the site.

It has typical employed writers reporting on news, pop culture, entertainment, and making videos on every topic you can imagine. it also has a community page where regular readers can make posts to the site too.


I mainly visit Buzzfeed because

  1. I have the app on my phone.
  2. The variety of content. I can read anything I’m in the mood for like news, entertainment, and cats.
  3. It’s quick. The list model they have going on makes it easy to glance and jump around. Even when they write news it still has an easy layout to follow and their link usage makes it easier to track a developing story.
  4. Quizzes.

Basically it keeps me in the loop on news and pop culture. With that said, I absolutely despise when they post stupid stories, which happens often. No I don’t care what Disney princesses look like without make up and no there is no way you can tell me anything about myself by just my zodiac sign.

Nonetheless, I can’t stay away.



  1. Steven Pekar

    Buzzfeed is an awesome website with great content. They deliver news and pop culture in a way thats not so dull and boring. I really like coming across their videos when I’m strolling through my facebook or twitter feed.

  2. Savannah Ross

    Buzzfeed is one of my favorite websites, same goes for a majority of people who are online. There is the app for the phone, the browser and other platforms that they post. My favorite site is and app called Vine. It’s similar to Instagram but it’s a based around a platform of six second videos. Buzzfeed has multiple Vine accounts that are for their different categories on the site. These categories include DIY, BFF, Lifestyle and many more. Also, many of Buzzfeed’s writers have personal accounts where they post hilarious clips that show the behind the scenes of the high traffic website.

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