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Complex: Making Culture Pop

I checkout  Complex on my phone and computer close to about 10-15 time a day. Complex is a New York -based media platform for youth culture which was first founded as a bi-monthly magazine. Complex was founded by fashion designer Mark Ecko creator of the fashion brand “Ecko”. Complex is a pop culture magazine that focuses on trends in fashion, music, art, design, video games, to news on your basic sports and entertainment. Complex also focuses on niche cultures such as street wear, sneaker culture, hip-hop and graphic art. I love fashion and music, Complex does a good job of covering the latest stories in these fields. I like how the information is presented. The style of writting uses propper english, but it also uses some of the slang our youth/culture has created. This makes you feel more connected or at least more relatable. I visit everyday because it covers story’s that interest me while still covering news that matters.  I hope to one day work for Complex, getting in with a pop culture magazine like Complex would be awesome. Complex always has two covers. You can start reading from either front or back of the Magazine. Below is the recent cover for August, Khloe took over one side, while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took over the other.Cover_Khloe_r2_tiqcpm


  1. Linsey Jones

    I follow Khloe Kardashian and was obsessed with this shoot she did for Complex magazine; might I just say she looks amazing. Sadly, I didn’t think to go look up information about Complex although I loved their work.
    After reading your blog post though I must say that you sold me on them. I love that you said that they are a mix of modern pop culture with very innovative design, as well the fact that they want to keeps their readers informed.
    I can not wait to now go see what this magazine has in store.

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