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Netflix Enthusiast

One website (& app!) I visit everyday if not multiple times a day is Netflix. Netflix is a media outlet used for streaming all different types of tv shows and movies.Although there is a monthly fee, its totally worth it! Netflix has a huge variety of genres anywhere from comedy and dramas to all sorts of documentaries. Netflix has hundreds of TV shows that air on TV regularly along with original Netflix series they come out with themselves. Some cool features that come with Netflix include creating you’re own character for your own personal use. So if you share a Netflix account with your entire family, you can click on your own character and it keeps track of all the shows and/or movies you’ve been watching and it gives you the option to start back up right where you left off. How convenient! 😉

netflix-3-1500x1000Click here to browse the Netflix website and sign up if you haven’t already

WHAT are you waiting for??!!



  1. Adrian Orta

    I have to say I love me some Netflix.

    One of my favorites on it is being able to watch tons of international films that are not normally found in many places including HULU. I also dog the kids/cartoon section not just because I love cartoon movies, but my son likes them too.

  2. Janelle Eriksen

    Netflix is life! I am on this as much as I possibly can. Yes, I should be out in the world enjoying the sun or actually catching some zzz’s, but I would much rather get wrapped up in binge watching a television series on Netflix. Your entry would be a great advertisement for Netflix, aslo!

  3. KevinLawrenceM

    I too love the multiple account feature they provide. It helps keep track of my views as well as the views of my family members. It is a great feature to be able to stop and start right where you left off. It is amazing how much content they provide.

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