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There are many options when viewing streaming videos of movies or television shows. While one source may have certain content, the other source, more than likely, will not have the same available. The provider of my choice is Netflix.

Netflix allows for quick use and is very user friendly. Netflix is available on multiple devices. So if I am stuck at an airport or in a car, I can use my phone, tablet or other mobile device. Netflix is of course available from a computer, but also places like Apple TV.

Now of course Netflix has competitors. One of the biggest is Hulu. I have accounts with both. However, Netflix is commercial free. No interruptions. Hulu has commercials. This has been my main drawing point to Netflix. I pay to not have commercials. I want the freedom and ability to start and stop what I am watching. My time is limited and Netflix understands that.


  1. Larisa Gawlik

    I also prefer to use Netflix instead of Hulu. I love to stream uninterrupted T.V. shows and movies. One of my favorite shows to stream on Netflix is “Friends” because Hulu does not have that show.

  2. Elysia Cowle

    Yas!! Netflix is life.

    I don’t like the newest format. I liked scrolling through shows without clicking. It was more geared to younger generation in the last format, I believe.

    And the original series are cool. Netflix is doing it right.

  3. Margie Escamilla

    I would have to agree! Netflix is great to have access to and makes movie watching easy! It can be addicting when all seasons are available like Greys Anatomy, and you can’t stop hitting next! I like the app Netflix has is your on a long trip and want to catch a movie.

  4. Taylor Torbert

    I definitely agree with you Kevin! The biggest thing I love about Netflix compared to Hulu is that Netflix is commercial free!

    Taylor Torbert

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