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I get a lot of emails daily. I’m part of a bunch of email newsletters and listservs and so, I see these all these emails daily. One listserv I’m a part of that I really enjoy is from Medium called the Medium Daily Digest. Medium is a site where anyone can post a blog and everyone can see said blog. The daily digest showcases recently posted blogs that are ~popular~ and also showcases blogs that are recommended by Medium’s staff. So, everyday I get the digest and read at least one of the featured posts.

Lots of blog sites exist, but the cool thing about Medium is you don’t need your own website to blog with Medium. Simply sign up through Twitter, Facebook or email, and blog away! It’s a much simpler format than creating a wordpress account that will solely serve as a blog. Medium’s design is also really cool just because it’s so simple. Medium isn’t full of ads, it isn’t in your face and it’s concise. Medium gets the job done in the simplest way possible. It’s just interesting to view the world through someone else for a few minutes, and reading someone’s blog post helps me be able to do that.

I do also visit Twitter, Facebook and Instagram everyday, but Medium’s probably cooler than those. Quality over quantity. Check out Medium!!

Here are a couple screenshots from Medium’s Daily Digest:

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  1. Adrian Orta

    I never knew this site existed. I’ll check it out and see how I like it. I love to read people’s blogs but like to manage my own. I have one but never have time to write on it because it is like a full time job and I have two jobs, go to school and have a family.

    This may be something I am looking for to read other views and opinions kinda like Twitter but with more characters.

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