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My WebPub Experience



My WebPub experience so far has been absolutely amazing. I enjoy the smaller class setting that promotes meaningful interaction between myself, my fellow classmates, and my professor.

My favorite assignment has to be the most recent Responsive Exercise. It felt like a combination of the Student Bio redesign project and the Troubleshooting exercise in that I was taking existing content and slowly editing it into a properly functioning website. It was extremely satisfying to finally figure out and fix what was wrong with each aspect of my website.

My least favorite subject in the class was learning about the history of the internet. It wasn’t because the content was unimportant, but rather that I had learned much of the same information in other classes before.¬†Again, it’s not to say that the video or class day was bad, and I really appreciate the refresher, but it seems to be the least relevant information to know when actually building a modern website.

The most important thing that I have learned so far in this class is that having web design skills is extremely helpful when looking for a job in the media field. Having my own website is important too, as it allows potential employers to search for me on the Internet and find a sort of “online resume” to look off of.

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  1. Angelica Espinoza

    I agree as well. having knowledge in web design is very helpful no matter what field you go into. It is just always good to know about that background information. Also having an online resume is very beneficial too because it also looks very professional as well.

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