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Class So Far…

So far, in this class, I have learned the very basics of coding and html. I knew nothing of Responsive or Adaptive formatting until this class. My favorite project is probably our most recent assignment, the Responsive Exercise.

image2 I think it look really good compared to my first website design, which is very reminiscent of the  1995’ish-era websites. image1

Th least favorite project we have done is probably the Troubleshooting Exercise we did in class. I do not perform at my best under pressure. Also, I tend to overthink things and that is not a good thing, especially for that particular exercise. For instance, I kept wanting to change large portions of the style sheet when it was only a missing quotation mark in the index.html.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far is probably a general understanding of coding and html. Learning the different formatting options is probably also and important and useful knowledge to have going forward with my journalism career.

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  1. Zachary Freeman

    The troubleshooting one was pretty tough. I didn’t realize the links were supposed to actually point to an external site.

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