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Web Design Experience

My favorite project so far has been the Bio redesign. I really like how just applying the CSS style sheet to project 2 I was able to see the difference from project 1. This is the first time I have ever had a website and it’s really exciting to see the website progress throughout the course. I also enjoyed learning how to add our twitter widget to our website as well. I am glad I took web design this semester so I can use my experience here in my future classes.

My least favorite assignment has to be the trouble shooting assignment, because we had to find the code errors which felt impossible. I haven’t had too much experience with coding so I got pretty frustrated, but I learned a lot when doing this assignment. Once you noticed one error it became easier after that to notice the rest.

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  1. Linsey Jones

    I love how amazing your page looks! I remember when you told me that you were getting frustrated with the coding but now look at your website and everything you’ve created!
    You preserved through that trouble shooting project and that is amazing. I got so frustrated with it too and completely understand where you’re coming from.
    We’re both learning this stuff for the fist time after all.

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