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My experience

mywebsite1. What has been your favorite project, assignment, or subject and why?

My favorite aspect of this class so far has been project 2, the redesign. It was just so cool to see it all together. My website for project 1 was very 1990s so it was awesome to see it more modernized.

2. What has been your least favorite project, assignment, or subject and why?

My least favorite part has been the blog posts because it’s hard to keep track of when they are. I always forget until the last minute, which is my own fault but still.

3. What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

The most important thing I’ve learned so far it html as well as all the other programs like Fetch. I never knew how to design my own website beforehand, only very basic html for editing simple text posts. I feel like the knowledge I’ve gained so far in this class is going to be very important.


  1. Katherine Lovell

    Projects one and two have also been my favorite! It’s awesome to see our site grow!
    The blogs are a bit tedious sometimes but it’s also nice to reflect on what we’ve learned.

  2. Joseph Chretien-Golden

    Its great that you’re getting a better hold of HTML & CSS! What is cool is that what we’ve learned is just the beginning, the tools in HTML5 and CSS3 are really useful for animation and other cool features to make our websites more modern.

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