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I’ve always wondered how a website was created. During this semester I have grasped a better understanding of how even the smallest thing such as the color of a background has a specific code. My favorite thing so far has been seeing my personal website develop. Although it is still a work in progress I am proud to show people that everything on my site was coded and created by myself. It has provided a platform to work off of and in the future build into a professional site where I would be able to show my event planning clients as well as talent agencies my prior work. In the age of the internet I know having more digital presence is important.

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My least favorite assignment so far has been the troubleshooting assessment. Although I coded my website from scratch and made it work, it was hard to go the other way around. Picking out the small details of error, such as a misspelling, was not easy for me. I hope that in future assignments like these I will be able to breakdown the issues.

Finally, the most important thing I’ve learned in this class is how vital having coding skills is. The article about AT&T needing to retrain thousands of workers because of the fast pace of digital technology struck a cord with me. I am not looking at a career in coding or web design, but I will now know basics when speaking to people in that field.

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  1. Maria Martinez

    I feel the same way as you. I never knew how much work it had to be done in order to create a website. It is impressive how the smallest detail has its own coding and you have to be very attentive about the errors in everything. But at the end of the day I am so proud of what I have accomplished in this class.

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