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When thinking about a website that I visit everyday, many come to mind yet most of them serve little to no purpose other than entertainment. However there is one website that I can think of that I visit every day that has become a vital part of my life. That website is Google.

Google ScreenShot

If you haven’t heard of the site (if you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic), it’s a popular search engine that allows the user to search up anything. With a few keystrokes all of the world’s information becomes available to anyone.

Google Fails

Want to learn more about quantum physics? Or maybe you just need to see cute pictures of cats to brighten your day. Either way Google has your back. This website follows the trend of immediacy and instant gratification that my generation has become so accustomed to. Having a hard time remembering that one song that played in that one movie with that one actor from years ago? No problem. Just Google it along with anything else you’ve ever wanted to hear, see or find.

Just in case you’ve never been and wanted to try it out (Sarcasm again) follow this link to see what Google can do for you.


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