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Favorite Everyday Site-Bleacher Report

My favorite website that I view almost everyday, if not everyday, isĀ Bleacher Report.

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The website is an news publishing site that is owned by Turner broadcasting as an alternative to ESPN. They provide news on a number of different sports including: football, basketball, baseball, MMA, Hockey and even more obscure sports like lacrosse and even the WWE. I am a big sports fan so I love to get news about sports as often as possible. However, I do not like the layout of the ESPN website. It’s cluttered, unappealing to look at, disorganized and just doesn’t seem like the type of website that’s easy to work with and search through. Bleacher Report offers a more streamlined layout with easy to see tabs on top of the website page directing you to the content you want to see. The fact that they also offer coverage on sports that ESPN and other sports news sites won’t is why I’m such a big fan of Bleacher Report.

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  1. Linsey Jones

    The fact that this website provides information on WWE is really exciting to me. My family loves wrestling and I try to keep up with it so that I can fit into the conversations between my dad and brothers.
    I believe that this website could be very useful since you said ESPN – my initial sports go to – is very cluttered. Next time I need to know the score I will use Bleacher Report.

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