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Pinterest and Numero10

Layout is almost, if not more, important than content in the digital world. I love websites that are user friendly, well organized and visually appealing. Pinterest and Numéro10 do an amazing job at website layout.

pintrestPinterest has becoming a thing of our generation. Mostly targeted at women, Pinterest is a picture based digital bulletin board that links you to the original article. I personally think this layout kind of paved the way for a way of advertising. It’s super user friendly, and very well organized. It’s simplicity is what makes it perfect!

A lot of you I’m sure are unfamiliar with Numéro10, but if you are taking web publishing, I highly suggest you check it out. It is brilliantly creative and innovative. It inspires me to make cool layouts. Numero10 is a french advertising agency, so they are in the business of creative and innovative. I’m in awe of the layout…. Just check it out

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