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My favorite Websites

Two of my favorite websites are very different from each other but I use them frequently and they’re just awesome to look at!

The first one is called 8 Tracks. 8 Tracks is an internet radio and social networking website revolving around the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. You can think of it as Pandora… but so much better!

8tracks1As you can see here, It allows you to choose or search just about any type of emotion or word that you are feeling. It lets you combine two words, or just stick with one, thus giving you pages and pages of different playlists that others have made to fit your search. So say you’re feeling “chill” but also “happy” at the same time; you combine both words and it gives you numerous playlists to choose from with different names and tags. I just love it because its super user-friendly, easy to use and who doesn’t love a good music streaming website?! (Also an app!)

The second website I’m a huge fan of is called

JSP is an awesome jewelry company by my friend Julian Parisi who personally makes each individual piece of jewelry himself by blowing glass. What I love most about this website is how everything is displayed. You can see so many different products on just the first page, or you can see the jewelry classified by type.  It’s also very colorful and easy on the eyes so you actually enjoy looking at the website all while shopping.


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  1. Taylor Torbert

    Taylor Rogers,
    I just recently downloaded 8tracks myself and I absolutely love it! You can find any kind of music pertaining to your mood! It is personable and customizable!

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