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Pinterest Fanatic

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share and categorize ideas. Users may upload their own ideas that others can discover in various categories. Many users utilize Pinterest for inspiration to create new meals, cultivate workout regimes, or plan a fantasy wedding. Pinterest also has a section where one can search a certain category suited to the user’s interest. I am an avid searcher of the “Hair & Beauty” category on Pinterest.

Pinterest Hair and Beauty

The home page of Pinterest contains the freshly pinned pins from the people the user follows. This allows users to views pins closely related to their interests or to see what their friends’ interests. If users would like to keep their ideas private, Pinterest has the option of creating secret boards that only the user can view. This is useful for people who want to keep their ideas hidden from their followers.

Every day, I use Pinterest every day either on the Pinterest app on my iPhone or on my computer. I love scrolling through pins to discover new ideas. My Pinterest contains over 30 boards with a broad range of categories. The board I check every day is the one I made for pinning recipe ideas. I love to make healthy food and Pinterest has an unlimited amount of recipes. One of my newer Pinterest boards is titled “Tiny House” because I plan on building my own tiny home one day. On my “Tiny House” board, I pin floor plans, furniture hacks, and organizational ideas for a tiny home.

Have you ever used Pinterest? If so, please let me know what your favorite part about it!

Larisa Gawlik


  1. Cecilia Long

    I actually have a Pinterest account but I don’t know why I just never got into it! I definitely want to give it a shot again because of all of the blog posts on here talking about Pinterest and even my mom is a huge Pinterest addict!

    I’m really big into hair/makeup ideas and I know it’s big on that as well as fashion inspiration pictures. I think I forgot my password and username so I may just create a brand new account and start fresh!

    Good post!

    -Cecilia Long:)

  2. Margie Escamilla

    I like that Pinterest gives users the ability to create personal boards. It allows pinning to be easier by other having certain lines categorized and the fact that you can share is even better!

    Many great crafting ideas have come from Pinterest and so many beautify tutorials can be found! I believe this is an addicting site, but so thankful for it! I enjoy the layout you have and the awesome brief info about Pinterest, great job!

  3. Taylor Torbert

    Larisa, I have to agree with you that Pinterest is a great app for pinning new recipe ideas! I use that app for so many ideas and that is one of that many things i love about it! You can customize to your own boards and style.

    Taylor Torbert

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