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Instagram Addict

Hi, my name is Brenda Camacho and I am a Instagram fanatic! It is what I look through morning, noon, night and then some!

If you don’t already know, Instagram is a social media site where people from all over the world can share photos and videos with their friends. You have the option of choosing who you want to follow and who can follow you. Instagram is a very artistic way of socializing. I would consider Instagram a part of the holy trinity of apps, because it is just as important as Facebook and Twitter.


I like to use Instagram more than any other app because I enjoy looking at pictures that everyone post on it. It’s a way to interact by being creative and showing what interest you have. It a place where you can see Kim Kardashian can break the internet, where you can post the best food you’ve ever seen and where people can share a universal message. Pictures are worth a thousands words.


My favorite feature are the filters and edits that you can do to any picture or video. Instagram has added new ways to add more pizazz to your picture/video while using the newly updated filters. Another great feature is being able to see what people you admire do look up to post, like Beyoncé!

If you don’t already an Instagram get it now! It will change your life!

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  1. Larisa Gawlik

    I love Instagram as well! Photography is one of my favorite hobbies so Instagram is a great platform for me to share my photography with my followers.

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