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I have decided to make my bootstrap site about Podcasts and Podcasting. I have been really interested lately about podcasting. It has gained speedĀ in the past fews and has really started to be a revolutionary tool of communication. It’s interesting because it feels a generation behind and a generation behind at the same time. I listen to podcasts all of the time and I learn really interesting things on a wide variety of subjects.

My sites will consist of:

New and Noteworthy – Podcasts that have just been launched recently and podcasts that are gaining a large audience.

Staff Picks – Podcasts that I like and listen to.

Starting a Podcast – Advice and insight on launching your own podcast.

Top of the Charts – Podcasts that are receiving the most listens and subscribers.

Who is Podcasting? – The actual people podcasting, whether it be celebrities or average people.

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