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Creative Dork

I will be making a website based on my artistic hobbies. I’ve always been one to work with my hands and find therapy through art. Whether it be digital art or crafts, the enjoyment is there. Some of my ideas of art may in unconventional and out of the box. Many people may not consider it to be art at all, but I will try to convey it through my pages. By default my site will be very image based, but will also incorporate some video and text.

My first page will be about crochet. It is my primary art 10form that I can produce with satisfying results. The second page will be about digital art that I have done and how I got started. Third will DIY geared mainly towards holiday decorations. Fourth will be AFVG (art from video games). This is where it gets a bit unconventional. I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate video games since it is a separate hobby of mine. I don’t do video game design though, which I consider art. Instead I like to create things in video games and like to think of them as works of art. For example, I like to spend hours creating a house for my sims in The Sims video game. The allowance of creative freedom when designing a house in this game is awesome (in The Sims 3 at least). The options aren’t limitless, but you can definitely create something one of a kind. Lastly I want a page that showcases some of my favorite works of art from other people.

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