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The site I go to the most is Facebook! It has everything I yearn for in one place! If I want to know what’s going on in the entertainment world it’s there. If I want to know what my friends are complaining about its there. And If I want to see funny videos, it’s there. Facebook is my dose of entertainment that I check almost everyday. It’s the number one source I go to because they have it where you can prioritize the post you want to see. It shows everything that’s important to me in that order. It’s also a place where you can reconnect connect with old friends that you haven’t seen since middle school. I can also share photo’s with relatives who stay in a different state, share my location, and places I’ve been with my friends. Plus you can also look back and reminisce on the days when you were younger and going through a phase, just see how much you progress and grew as a person. Facebook to me is a one stop shop. It is perfect in every way.



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  1. Savannah Ross

    Don’t get me wrong, I often get on rants about “how much I hate Facebook”. At first, it was cool. It was an update from MySpace and I felt more mature seeing all the connections through different schools and hobbies. But then the parents started to join. Constantly commenting on every picture and questioning a relationship if it involved someone of the opposite sex. Then Grandparents joined. Their constant comments on every activity with the wrong case setting definitely became annoying. But number one most annoying thing about Facebook was the engagement and pregnancy announcements. Every time I logged on I felt like someone from my high school was informing the world of how great their life was. I am just a negative person in general, so naturally after a long day- that’s the last thing I wanted to see when I logged on. But as time has passed, I will admit that I have started to enjoy Facebook again. I find it resourceful in the fact that it helps me remember someone’s birthday. I find myself looking at pictures from 10 years ago. But in all honesty I enjoy the clutter of funny videos that appear on my newsfeed. If it’s baby pandas or a 4 year old singing, the videos are always entertaining.

  2. Maura Callahan

    Facebook is definitely the site I use the most. Now that the news stations are connecting their content from their websites to their pages, I hear the news faster. Although originally designed for connecting college students, I feel Zuckerberg is getting closer to his goal of getting the entire planet on facebook. I have friends and family all over the world. I can stay connected with them see their news and local news, photos etc. easier and faster through facebook. Making it my one-stop-shop most days.

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