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Weekly Visit – art21

I don’t visit many sites, nor do I have many apps on my iPhone, but one site I do enjoy visiting is art21. It is a website you can visit to read and educate yourself about contemporary art in the 21st century, hence the ‘21’ in art21. It is a nonprofit organization run by PBS that uses the power of digital media to inform and educate people about art, which is what I love most. It’s a great tool for teachers to use as many of my art professors have used in past lectures. I access this site often because I simply love to learn about contemporary artists and what new things they are doing and new creative ways of expressing themselves. One of the tools is the organization’s online magazine. Here you can read about news articles regarding artists as well as interesting columns and features.


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  1. Samantha Burdick

    This is a website I had never heard about before! Thank you for sharing, because it is one I could definitely see myself visiting in the future. As I said in my post, I love music. Now I can see what some different artists are up to.

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