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Apple and Beyoncé

I have one more apple product to purchase before I can be a part of #TeamApple . I am in desperate need of a MacBook Pro, then I will be all set! I love Apple because of the quality of the pictures that are on the website. The iPhones look perfect in color and shape. Even the MacBook’s look good enough to buy on the spot. The navigation makes my life so much easier. At the top is where you find all that you are looking for. There is a second navigation to find what you’re looking for even easier. I love it.

Apple's homepage
Apple’s homepage


MacBook Pro page
MacBook Pro page

The next, almost perfect website that I love so much would have to be Beyoncé’s. I love the structure of the site. The pictures are edited and a good size. The entire website works together with the pictures that are on there. Once you click on a picture, it will send you to a page with a little more about the pictures and even more related photos. There are pictures on there that you will not see on a gossip column or on social media. Some of the pictures come from her personal life. There is a navigation in the corner. It has things like her music, tours, fragrance and more. There may not be a lot of stories or articles to read, but a picture is worth a thousand words. It works for Beyoncé.

Beyoncé website
Beyoncé website
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter



  1. Grayson Kirkham

    TeamApple certainly has a ring to it! Personally, the only Apple product I’ve ever owned is the iPhone but it’s one of the but tools I’ve ever had at my disposal. I have to be able to Google things, because throughout the day, I have lots of questions (about anything). Before the iPhone, I would have to wait to get home to look things up.

    From the pictures, the Beyonce site definitely looks cool. She’s probably one of the top 5 or 10 entertainers around so it makes sense that her page would have a nice layout. I’ll have to check this one out. Nice job!

  2. Madison Walling

    Couldn’t agree more, Apple has an amazing website! Love all of my Apple Products and wouldn’t trade them for any other companies product!

  3. Dayri Vargas-Osorio

    Apple has a very accessible and easy to navigate site… since I am a very visual person I like Beyonce’s website!

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