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Must have, Bad Quality; Cool, Simple

Soundcloud is the website I use the most by far. It is the best site to find free, new and underground music. It’s a streaming site where you make a profile and can upload your own music for others to see on a live feed kind of like a twitter feed but for music. Artist on soundcloud range from the top all the way to amateurs just playing around. The concept is awesome and is essential to keeping your music library up to date. There a few downfalls to the way the website actually runs. The site will loose your likes, follows and will randomly repost or unpost songs to your personal feed. It also crashes constantly and don’t get me started on the app, it does all those things X2. I love the site and the idea behind it but it is one of the most frustrating sites I go on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.31.21 AM

My next favorite site is Vimeo. It is the same concept as Youtube except for professionals so you don’t have to sift through unwanted low quality videos. It is a perfect site for watching full production HI-Def videos of sports or anything you’re into. It also has an easy to use layout and if you get the app you can save videos to your likes and once you watch it, it’s saved to where you don’t have to connect to the internet to watch. Check it out sometime instead of Youtube and you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.39.25 AM


  1. Alexander Goeke

    I had never heard of either of these websites but I’m excited to check them out! i absolutely love music, so i feel like both of these sites will soon be my new favorite! thanks for the post!

  2. Melanie Saucedo

    Vimeo sounded interesting, so I just did my account and it is great! I really like the simplicity of the website, as well as the content.

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