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Two Websites

The two websites that I think are well designed are Pandora and Starbucks. I like Pandora because they have an app for your phone and it is easy to use. It keeps track of songs and artist that you like. It also has suggestions of other music or artist that you might like to listen too as well. It also can connect to your facebook to share your music interest with friends.


I also like yandy’s  website because they have their items categorized by lingerie, costumes for halloween, dresses, shoes, accessories, swim ware, and also a sales tab for everything that is on sale. They have models that wear the clothing items so you know what the item looks like when you put it on. For some items they have a video that shows the model walking in the item you are looking at.



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  1. Savannah Ross

    I use Pandora all the time, I feel like I’m one of the few because Spotify is so big. But I don’t mind it. I really like how Pandora customizes your playlists according to what you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. It makes the listening experience more personal, rather than just listening to the radio. I also like how you can see information about the song. It has the artist biography, the song’s lyrics and trivia facts which is always neat.

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