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Hobby Website- Yoga

For my Bootstrap hobby website i will cover the topic of yoga. I chose this topic because of the amazing benefits I have gained from practicing yoga for several years.

Page One:

I plan for the first page of this website to give a story about my own experience of yoga. It will give a brief overview of how I started learning yoga as well as the benefits I’ve gained from practicing yoga.

Courtesy of CureJoy
Courtesy of CureJoy

Page Two: This page will give parts of articles and expert opinions on the benefits of yoga. It may also include ideas for people who don’t know about yoga to learn more about it.

Page Three: This page will be a beginners guide to yoga. It will include a specific article that shows pictures and videos that people can use.

Page Four: This page will breakdown the different types of yoga. Many people are unaware that yoga can be done in many different ways and this page will explain how changing the type you do can help.

Page Five: This page will focus on the mental health aspects of yoga and meditation. It will more closely cover the emotional benefits of different yoga exercises.

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