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Modern Web Design Favorites

One site that I recently came across that impressed me because of its animations and simple yet attractive design was I’m always looking for sites with attractive, easy to navigate design to model my website after and this one caught my eye. Highland presents is a direct marketing company that I almost worked for, simply because of how much I liked the site…and I have no desire to do direct marketing. The developers have a knack for modern design, in that the first image you see on the site is a large, high quality image that covers most of the page with a light font. These elements are all very trendy. Scrolling down the page you can see dividers and a block quote by one of my favorite modern engineer/entrepreneurs, Elon Musk! Continuing down the page are sleek animations and even an RSS feed for Twitter, all great touches.

Another site that I think is well designed is I am a very visual person and I like that this site puts the news in a colorful,blocky format for me to see the news in what I consider an attractive format with pictures included so I can skim over the page to see what is happening and decide what I want to read.

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  1. Paige Locke

    Whoa. Highland Presents really does have a gorgeous website. Those images, that scrolling detail. The way the images show up. Someone hired a good web designer.

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