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Youtube, the Happy Medium

As far back as I can remember I have always been into motocross and wakeboarding because of the instant thrill they provide. Growing up, I loved to race motocross because the feeling of competition and trying to win always gave me a huge rush inside. For wake boarding it’s caught my eye because of the multitude of tricks I was able to attempt and eventually get down after some hard work and dedication. Since I enjoy both of these sports so much, Youtube is my go-to website to get my moto and wake fixes when I can’t be outside doing them.

Youtube is my happy medium because I am able to share videos I enjoy with people but I also don’t have to constantly be connected to social media and showing people what I’m doing. I love visiting because it gives me the ability to look up some of the best wake boarding and motocross videos of all time. Seeing the millions of videos that Youtube provides for its viewers is what gives me the motivation and inspiration to want to try new things in wakeboarding and motorcross. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.34.06 AM

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  1. Alexander Goeke

    youtube is amazing! I’ve probably spent hours watching funny videos on there. It’s also really helpful, you can pretty much find a tutorial for anything.

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