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what I like & don’t like about webpub

My favorite project so far has probably been project 2 redesign. I’m eager to make my site more pretty haha. But really, I want more style on it. It’s definitely more difficult though to put in codes in hopes that my site actually does what I’m asking it to. Or right now I have a bunch of ideas of how I see my site wanting to be, it’s just knowing the codes and css to make it happen.

I suppose my least favorite thing so far is that in our projects when we are asked to add a new page like for project 2 it was to add a hobby page. I don’t want to make a rinky dink website. I want it to be more professional and resume based. So I took one of my hobbies, photography and made that as a professional interest to my website.

justinan example of my photography.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far is knowing the vitality of having a personal website. How much it can set you apart from other candidates when applying for your future career. Even Forbes think so.


  1. Alan Espejel

    It seems like everyone’s favorite project has been the bio redesign, and for good reason. It’s nice to see the website develop into something closer to what we imagined. Like you said, having a personal website is an important step towards looking more professional and improving your chances of a better future.

  2. Brandon Valencia

    I agree on project 2. I just really wanna make my site look as cool as possible. It’s a challenge to make it actually come to life.

  3. Steven Pekar

    I like your idea for keeping your website professional by adding your photography portfolio. I tried to do the same by adding my art page with a lot of my artwork on my site.

  4. Leslie Alonzo

    The hobby page on our website was also a challenge for me! It made my website seem hokey and not as legitimate, but I like how you used photography to showcase one of your professional skills.

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