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Well Done: Snow Fall and Tumblr

When I had to think of web design that really captured my attention I had a pretty tough time, but when we saw The New York Times’  “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” website, in class Monday, I remembered reading it when it came out. I though it was really interesting the way The New York Times took traditional journalism and revamped it and made it modern. The way they designed the website really captures what audiences today like to see. It no longer reading long paragraphs about the story people want to see what is going on. I for one can not stay on a page for so long just reading text I need to really be drawn in. I am really curious as to how the designer created this website because it has a lot of things I have never seen before. Video playing automatically while you scroll through the site was truly my favorite part of this page. Snow Fall is truly is a masterpiece, so kudos to The New York Times for stepping up their game.


Another one of my favorite website designs is the Tumblr login page. For anyone that signs up or signs into Tumblr they will always see a different blog post as the background. I just think that is such a clever way to get people to want to sign up for the site. Giving future members a glimpse as to what they will find if they join. I always find it entertaining to refresh the page just so I cant see something different and amazing every time. The web designers really captured what Tumblr is on this page, which is artsy and cool. Even just scrolling down the page to learn about how to use Tumblr is entertaining, because they give you a  virtual tour through their website, while still being funny and quirky .



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  1. Larisa Gawlik

    Tumblr is amazing. I find it very addicting and love to visit – I just have to make sure I have time to waste scrolling through all of the posts!

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