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Well Designed Websites

On the web there are a plethora of sites to surf and with so many options, coming across a well designed website can make the user feel at home. When a website isn’t designed properly and things aren’t laid out right, it can make any user’s visit feel unpleasant.

When thinking about websites that are well designed, the first thing that comes to mind is ease-of-use as well as the layout of the site.

GSD&M is an advertising agency based out of Austin, TX. I really enjoy the design of their website because I feel that it utilizes all the space of the page without feeling cluttered.

GDS&M Website

As an advertising agency, GSD&M uses their website to display much of their creative work as well as all of the clients they have worked with. The site is laid out perfectly to fit the companies artwork, videos, social media and employees pictures without becoming an eye-sore.

Another website that I feel is designed very well and is easy to navigate is a website for my favorite band, Brand New. The layout of the website is very simple with a slight 90’s aesthetic to the design. Scrolling through the site it is easy to find tour dates, links to merchandise, social media sites as well as the most important factor, the music.

Brand New has always been an underdog in the post-rock, indie-punk scene and their website maintains that vibe.

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  1. Justus Scarver

    The GSD&M website is very interesting. It’s almost like two screens, with scrolling capabilities on the left and large visual panels on the right. I love how the panels with employees have multiple pictures of each that cycle as you hover, very cool.

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