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Well-Designed Websites: Netflix and Sephora

Netflix is an extremely popular movie and T.V. show streaming website. Over the years, Netflix has redesigned the layout of the website until it has achieved an amazing layout. The most recent redesign has made Netflix even better than it was before.

Netflix Homepage

When Netflix users first login, the users are presented with this screen. The screen allows multiple users of the same account to have their own individual account that is personalized to their movies, T.V. shows, and interests. There is also the kid-friendly option that gets rid of any mature movies and T.V. shows so children do not accidentally watch one.

Netlfix First Screen

The Netflix homepage usually has an advertisement for a T.V. series produced by Netflix such as “Orange is the New Black.” As the user scrolls down, the user may find various T.V. shows and movies tailored to one’s interests based on previously watched T.V. shows and movies.

Netflix Tailored Interest

Another well-designed website is Sephora. I love online-shopping, especially if makeup is involved. Whenever the user first logs into Sephora, the user is presented with a beautiful homepage featuring the latest beauty trends, weekly specials, and various samples. Sephora’s website also has an “advice” section and an interactive “how-to” section with make-up tutorials.

Sephora Homepage


As the user scrolls down, Sephora has its editors’ picks and newly arrived items to show users different items they might not have previously thought about purchasing. I love scrolling through the website to see what products might interest me.

Sephora Homepage bottom

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  1. Elysia Cowle

    I like Netflix’s new layout that they recently updated. I think they are excelling because of their personalization.

    I like Sephora because the layout is so clean.

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