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Well-Designed Websites: Facebook and Google

The two websites that I believe to be well-designed are Facebook and Google. Not only are the two very user-friendly, but they are simple and extremely high-speed and quick.

Facebook, an online social networking service, is used my millions all around the world. Facebook puts e-mailing to shame with its messenger application; which allows people to reach you not only at their computer, but by their telephone as well. All you have to do is download the application; it is very similar to SMS texting. The layout on the home page is very easy to navigate and I also like how Facebook allows you to limit who can see your posts and it even lets you chose whose post’s you want to see. The navigation page is simply and straight to the point, like: messages, links, feed, etc. You are just one-click away from easily accessing whatever it is that you are trying to access. Facebook has made it easy for the users to generate exactly what it is they want and how they want it by giving them tons of options to chose from to make it perfect for the “Face-booker.” I love Facebook for the hilarious videos as well- video sharing is becoming more and more popular by the day. Here is a link to Facebook’s home page: Facebook Home Page.

Here is a screenshot of my home page where I access my news feed: notice all of the easily accessible tools on the navigation bar.
Here is a screenshot of my home page where I access my news feed: notice all of the easily accessible tools on the navigation bar.

Google is another awesome website that I love and think that is very well-designed. I use Google every day of my life…it is life-changing. The reason I love Google so much is because it doesn’t get any easier than typing in a simple question and getting an immediate response. The home page is literally the word “Google” at the top (and the font/decorations change often) and a search bar to type in whatever you want. It is the easiest website in the world to use; a four-year-old could even work it (and i’m sure they do)! Once you type in your question, billions (maybe thats a bit dramatic) but TONS of responses and options come up to help you. You can literally find anything and everything with a simple Google search. The features that I love about Google are also some of the following: Google analytics, G-mail, Google+, Google translate, and much more user-friendly features that comes with it. Here is a link to Google’s home page: Google home page.

This is a screenshot of Google's home page: notice the simplicity.
This is a screenshot of Google’s home page: notice the simplicity.

I could go on and on about Facebook and Google, but most of you probably use these two on the daily! Feel free to add me to your friends on either 🙂 


Ashley Marinez


  1. Wynard Crawford

    I think the thing that makes the both of these websites so good is the simplicity factor. I feel that if my parents can use either of the websites or apps with no problems then it works. It’s not cluttered with a bunch of useless information (well your news feed might be but it’s still interesting) and it can be accessed easily. Both are well designed sites.

  2. William Le Moing

    That is crazy how I didn’t think about google! But it really might be the most easiest and intuitive website. I really like FB too, and I think its pretty well organized but at some point I don’t know if the website is really well designed or if it is just easy to me because I have been using it for years.

  3. Jenna Gonzales

    I completely agree with your thoughts about Google. I love the simplicity of Google, I use the site so frequently on desktop and mobile and both ways it’s a breeze to navigate through. Not only is it simple to use but I always get the information I need.

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