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Well designed Websites

When I was thinking of two websites that I liked the design of the Korean pop group Spica’s website came to mind. 

The design of the website is very clean and minimalistic. The website is super responsive and easy to navigate. My favorite part is the member section because of the little swooping in of the picture of the member does in order to be by her respective bio. Sadly I think the group has been on hiatus so the website appears to not have been updated in a while, but all in all its a nice clean design.

Another website i really enjoy is the website. 

Smite.Guru is a website where you can check the stats and real time data of my favorite MOBA Smite. The links to articles are really nicely layed over images and add more of an aesthetic to the page. The website is really simple to use and the best part about the website is the real time data you get from its connection to the smite servers. 

Here is the real time data of a smite pro player, Incon,  as you can see its super clean and easy to read. Its a pretty helpful to people who play smite.


  1. Madelynne Scales

    The site for the Korean pop group was a great site to visit. It flows really nicely as you scroll down the pages. How fun!

  2. Justus Scarver

    The SPICA website is visually appealing. The solid white background & pictures of the band members gives it the look of a fashion shoot. Also, the site design is very intuitive as it adapts and transforms to size of the window on a given device.

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