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Websites I Think Are Well Designed

Simplicity is something I really value in a website. I think that plain black and white, minimalist websites are the most visually appealing and easy to use. I hope one day that I will be able to code a website that looks like Ruby James or Alexandrea Garza’s.

Ruby James is a photographer so her website is very simple to let her photography stand out. My favorite part of her website’s design is that it is black and white. Everything is very clean and simple. When you go to her collections page you see that all her pictures are arranged into albums by who the pictures are of.


Once you click on an album, you can scroll through all the pictures horizontally. I especially like the horizontal scrolling because it is a unique way of navigating through an album. I also like that the opacity of the navigation bar goes down, but the navigation bar doesn’t disappear even though it is on the side.


Alexandrea Garza has a fashion and beauty blog. Although it is not as simple and clean as the previous site, it is much more interactive. The design is still black and white which adds more simplicity even though there are a lot of different elements on the page.


The best part is within the actual blog posts. Within each blog post she has a carousel of images that show all the pieces of an outfit that she is wearing or highlighting in a blog post. Each image is a link to exactly where you can buy each item. I know this may seem like a common sense thing to include but I feel like the way it is placed is really convenient and isn’t intrusive to the post like a list of links would be.

alexgarza2These both are websites that I think are well designed and that I would like my website to look like some day. I hope to have a simple yet interactive website like these two are.

-Macy Neel


  1. Lisette Lopez

    I am definitely a media type of gal, and I love the pictures that are on the website. They are very well edited and fit the sites nicely with simplicity. I am not a big fashion person, but I will definitely look through these websites to see the photos.

  2. Katie Streeter

    I LOVE Ruby James’s website! I love the grid design and it’s probably one of my favorite website designs. I’d never seen the other one but it’s also really pretty and looks easy to navigate!

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