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Web Pub: My Experience So Far

This is me.
This is me.

Okay, so, this post is supposed to be about three things: my favorite project or assignment, my least favorite project or assignment, and the most important thing I’ve learned so far. In keeping with the theme, I will answer those three questions:

  1. ¬†Favorite project or assignment: I think Exercise 1 and Project 2 are actually very similar. Making the website responsive was an important part of the redesign, in my opinion. It’s still not perfect, but my website looks much better than it did at the start of the semester. In case anyone’s interested in seeing them, these are the first and second iterations of said website.
  2. Least favorite project or assignment: I’m not a particularly huge fan of these blog posts, but I think that’s just because I don’t have anything particularly interesting to contribute, and my posts tend to be particularly uninspired when they’re forced.
  3. Most important thing I’ve learned so far: The most important thing I’ve learned so far is definitely the importance of responsive websites. Accessibility for mobile devices is becoming more and more important, and knowing how to make your website look okay on a smartphone or tablet is integral for success in web design.

So ends this list, and subsequently, this blog post. Always tip your waiters.

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