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This class has been very interesting. I have learned many things that I never knew I would be doing and that I would like. My favorite part of this class has been the freedom of creating a website with what ever we like. I loved creating my own logo, choosing the color scheme of my website, and writing about things that I am interested in. I liked seeing how much my website changed changed from project 1 to project 2.

It has not been easy, and I get frustrated very often. My least favorite assignment was the troubleshooting assignment. I overthought everything, when it was just about little details like misspelled words, quotation marks, etc.  Also CSS has been a little difficult for me, I could not do my own custom CSS.


I am really proud of what I have accomplished, and I always send the link of my projects to my family and friends so they can give me feedback. One of most important thing I have learned (besides having more patience), is that Google has the answer for everything. When I was not sure how to do something, I searched for it and I found an answer. I feel that everything that I have learned here, are great skills that I could use as a future employer. Not many people have the opportunity lo learn how to code.

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  1. Paige Locke

    The troubleshooting exercise got me too! I only spotted a few of the misspellings and overthought everything!

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