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So far, I really do like this class. It’s insightful and I actually feel like I am learning something new. The articles we read are really interesting and I like that they tie in with our lesson for the day in class. The troubleshooting exercise was pretty frustrating but once we went over it in class I kind of laughed at some of the mistakes I made because of how simple the problems was. Most of the time, I am pretty unsure about half of the stuff I am trying to code, buuuutttt it is kind of fun figuring it all out, even when it gets really annoying. My first two projects didn’t turn out as great as I wanted them to, but hopefully I can fix my mistakes and make the next assignments error-free! I am looking forward to everything else we get to do in this class. Let’s hope I don’t drive myself too crazy.

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  1. Melanie Saucedo

    Yeah, I would have been more frustrated about the troubleshooting exercise, but the things we had to fix were kind of funny. Not that it made it easy, just that I didn’t expect some of those.

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