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Web Design Class Experience

I didn’t know what to expect before starting this course and I thought it would be very easy as I see many people starting their own blog or websites.

The first project seemed easy to me because I just had to follow the codes and create a basic site. I was so proud of my work that I showed my website to my friends and family but they didn’t understand what was the big deal and why I was so excited.

I enjoyed the most doing my second project as the website started to look much better. People started to see the progress and appreciate my work. I liked creating external links with different colors and I enjoyed creating the logo. I liked that I could see improvement weekly on my website. I kept spending time working on it because I enjoyed it.

My least favorite project would be the project 3, because it seems more complex than what we have done previously and mainly because we only have 3 days to complete it. I also didn’t like creating a bio with my picture on the first page of my website; I feel it is boring to see it as soon as I enter in my website.

The most important thing I have learned is to appreciate others’ work because I now know how difficult it is to create a website and the amount of time I need to spend for a basic result. I also learned how a small mistake in codes could be frustrating as sometimes – my “team” – and I would spend so much time looking at the codes to find out what was wrong and it could be such a small error like forgetting to close a div or a wrong quotation mark.

Overall, I am glad I am taking this class in summer as I can work on it everyday.

I am also excited to read today’s blog to see everyone’s work.

Let me know what you think of my website!

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  1. Karen Muñoz

    LAKSNA! Your website is seriously so awesome. I love your banner so much!

    I completely agree with you that project 3 is the most intense and my least favorite assignment thus far. I’m not even done yet -____________-

    I’m glad you mentioned our team! Haha

  2. Janelle Eriksen

    Since I sit next to you, I get to enjoy all of your websites you have made so far. It seems to me that you are a natural. You help me all the time. Project 3 is definitely giving me grey hairs but I know it will all be worth it in the end!

  3. Cecilia

    If it wasn’t for you and Karen I would be so lost in this class! I’m glad I sat in between you all and that we became friends! This class was tough but it’s something crucial that we need for our careers!

    -Cecilia 🙂

  4. Laksna

    You’re so sweet Janelle! One more week to go!! Yes we can survive this haha! It is amazing how we improved in a month right, so proud of ourselves 🙂

  5. Laksna

    Yesss ! It was so much fun to do this class with you both! I’m glad I was next to you so I could not get stressed!! I will need your help for the movie editing, you’re the expert 🙂

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