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Web Design Class Experience

Web-DesignThe favorite project

My favorite project was actually the first project, because it was the first time I was coding HTML and I had a fun time doing it. The perspective of creating my own website from A to Z sounded really cool to me.

Project 1

The Least Favorite Project

I would say that the least favorite, least fun exercice to me was the trouble shooting exercice. I actually did not do bad at it, but it took me a long time to do it and sometimes lost my patience not finding the errors that were actually simple errors to fix.

Overall, I do not really know if there is one most important thing that I have learned, I would say that the whole process of creating a website was something new to me and in that sense, everything seems important to me. I really feel that this will help me professionally in a communication agency prospective. Knowing the entire process of web designing definitely helps working with the programmers and creatives when supervising the creation of an advertisement campaign. It is also appealing to the employers, seeing on my profile that I know the HTML / CSS / Java language.

Project 2

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  1. Alexandra Young

    The troubleshooting exercise was definitely my least favorite part of this class thus far. Mainly because it was so frustrating haha, but other than that I really do enjoy most of the class.

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