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Web Design Breakdown

Web Design and Publications is a fun and exciting course. It is amazing the amount of time we have to work on our projects… Oh, wait… no, it is a summer course… so not much time at all. The course is great though. The way it is structured and broken-down allows for all to understand and comprehend the material. Though there is a lot to cover, it is done in a timely and professional manner which is great for those students who are taking other courses during the summer session.

Of the many projects and assignments we have had during the course, I believe the Bootstrap web-build, Assignment 3, is my favorite. It allows for easy web design and building with multiple features that are timely and difficult using other coding. Using Bootstrap helped make a website that looks professional and like something you could see from a business if you looked online. However, my least favorite project is also Assignment 3, the Bootstrap build. This is due to the amount of time available for the project. Yes we did have 3 class days to work on it, but technically it was only 60 hours. Learning new material and understanding something that is new and being able to apply it is another story. So my favorite and least favorite is the same project.

Webpage 1 – Project 1

Webpage 2 – Project 2

The most important thing I learned so far would have to be the ability to search for results. As we were taught, in the real world you may not always know the answer. There may be times that research is required to search for the solution. Here are links to the first two projects completed.


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  1. mjd83

    I second the whole “may not always know the answer.” In this class I feel like its more of “may never know the answer.”

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