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User’s Can Access Your Site Through Anything

Responsive Web Design:

It’s definitely a key point and should be an initiative for every to create their websites to be flexible for any kind of browser or device.

It’s just knowing how to do it.

I definitely see the importance with this. Some people ONLY look at a website through their phone or tablet. They never even see a website’s design for a desktop. It’s up to us as the designer to construct our site to bend and be beautiful no matter what format users are accessing it.

Intro to CSS Media Queries:

How we do it is by creating style sheets to fit the format of how people are accessing the device. Which is honestly really cool, and makes this processes more simply.

This coding stuff is starting to make me feel like a real geek because I like it.

Being able to code mobile-device.

The Pros and Cons:

The biggest thing that stood out to me in this article that I agreed with was the Con of the experience. I want my users to see my images BIG. The full design, in all its glory, I feel like on a phone when the website is shrunk down, it takes away from the experience.





  1. Zana Jones

    It’s very important to have responsive design now, because I feel like everyone uses their phone for everything.

  2. Angelica Espinoza

    I agree as well about the pros and cons article. You put in all this hard work in coding for the website and the images will not get noticed as much because viewing the site though a mobile device will make the image smaller. I would want my users to be able to see my site the way I designed it as well.

  3. Madelynne Scales

    I agree that it sucks not getting the full affect of a site’s design on a small phone. However it makes sense to optimize design for the smart phone, especially since they continue to get bigger and bigger.

  4. Diana Gonzalez

    I agree with your response to the first article, there’s a lot of instances where I don’t have time to look at a site on a desktop. It’s a relief when I can find a site that is catered to mobile, especially with the slow internet connection I get too often :c

  5. Steven Pekar

    Finding sites that are catered to mobile devices is essential in the coming years. People want to be able to view your site on whatever device they have in front of them at the moment. So if your website only looks good on one screen, you’re screwed.

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